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WRTC Auction

Subject: WRTC Auction
From: jefray@comsys.net (Jerry Fray)
Date: Wed Jul 24 09:12:22 1996
David & Barbara Leeson wrote:
> WRTC 96 is offering the following new manufacturer-donated equipment for
> sale at wholesale prices:
>                                                              Minimum bid
> Icom IC706 ultra-compact HF/VHF all-mode transceiver (5)        $1170
> Yaesu FT1000MP xcvr, DSP, Collins filters, RS-232C, dual rx     $2730
> Yaesu FT900CAT compact xcvr, Collins filt, AT, detach panel (5) $1345
> Hy-Gain DX 77 vertical, 40-10 incl. WARC, 29'                    $295
> Hy-Gain TH3 Mk4 3-el tribander                                   $288
> US Tower MA550 crank-up 55' steel mast (gift cert)               $879
> We have (5) ea. of the IC706 and FT900CAT.  All units are brand new in
> the box, with manufacturer's guarantee, and are in our possession for
> immediate delivery.  Bids should be sent by email or DX Packet Cluster
> on or before 0000z Friday, May 31, 1996.  Units will be sold immediately
> upon receipt of the first bid that is 10% above the minimum for the
> item.  We can deliver preemptive-bid items at Dayton.
> Any amount paid over the minimum bid price is considered a donation to
> WRTC and is tax-deductible if paid separately to the WRTC 06 Fund,
> Northern California DX Foundation.
> 73 de Dave Leeson, W6QHS, Treasurer
> WRTC 96, Inc., a California non-profit public benefit corporation
> P. O. Box 1, Los Altos, CA 94023-0001
> dbleeson@mcimail.com  or  leeson@nova.stanford.edu
> Thanks for the bandwidth, folks!
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Hmmmmmmmm - Sounds like a good buy or three here and I probably would 
bid on another 706 BUT.......wasn't this posted a little after the May 
31, 1996 cutoff date? Or am I missing some subtle humor here?

Jerry, KB9NMU

>From olecam@imaginet.fr (Olivier Le Cam, F5MZN)  Wed Jul 24 13:27:08 1996
From: olecam@imaginet.fr (Olivier Le Cam, F5MZN) (Olivier Le Cam, F5MZN)
Subject: Ask for explanations
Message-ID: <199607241227.OAA15975@icaria.imaginet.fr>


I'd like to ask for explanations about some strange/incoherence things in my
IARY log :

- I see on this reflector T00SW is "the "new" one from Seborga (TzeeroZeeroSW)"
  Can anyone confirm I have to add the following line in IARU.CTY :

        Seborga:                  28:  T0:    T00SW;  

- Is VQ5Y (itu zone 07) Canada ? Or what contry is it ? This call was unknown
  in mu IARU.CTY but VQ5Y confirm I got the correct callsign.

- IK2MPR told me I can log 59ARI. - "Are you sure ?" - "QSL ..." but be in doubt
  anyway. I see in the list of IARU HQ (of KG1BW) that the Italian HQ were
I2MPQ. Maybe Ik2mpr do a confusion. He's probably in 28, isn't he ?

Best 73s


Olivier Le Cam
Email : olecam@imaginet.fr (or f5mzn@imaginet.fr)

>From foggie@dtx.net (foggie)  Tue Jul 23 19:18:51 1996
From: foggie@dtx.net (foggie) (foggie)
Subject: WARNING!
Message-ID: <XFMail.960723132521.foggie@dtx.net>

On 24-Jul-96 ac1o@gate.net wrote:
>>At 12:33 AM 7/24/96 EST, Eugene Walsh wrote:
>>Anyone who does not like anchovies on anything
>>cannot be trusted with other, less important,
>>CONTEST type stuff.
>Mr. Walsh, Sir:
>After unruffling my feathers, and after the most careful consideration, I
>have to admit that you are, indeed, correct in your assessment.  (Especially
>regarding the "cannot be trusted with... CONTEST type stuff".)  Many many
>thanks, Sir, for sharing your Lesson In Life with me.   

I beg to differ. Is it not obvious that anyone who eats anchovies on pizza 
has had their ment facilities so impaired as to not have proper judgement?
how then could they be a contester when they could not make the right
decision over such a momentous thing as anchovies? something minor like 
S&P may be within their grasp, but the overall startegy of the contest? I
doubt it.

Besides is it not obvious that Mr. Walsh has an inate fear of the LaTex
Rookies? As such I can barely wonder that he also would like anchovies.

>P. S.  I don't care; I still think even fresh anchovies smell rotten, no
>matter how much cheap pizza sauce you cover 'em with.  Maybe they smell
>differently, though, when you live downwind of all those refineries in New
><subtle humor, on throughout this posting, now off>

Al - kk5zx

>From dave@egh.com (David Clemons)  Wed Jul 24 15:31:21 1996
From: dave@egh.com (David Clemons) (David Clemons)
Subject: WARNING
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9607241004.A10065-0100000@newman.egh.com>

        I don't much care for anchovies myself, although I must confess 
that I did in my younger years before the iron lining on my stomach went 
away.  However, I'll bet that contest operators who eat them do better on 
phone contests.  (All that bad breath probably acts as a natural speech 

73, Dave Clemons K1VUT

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