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WRTC-96 Compendium/Chronicles (tongue-in-cheek)

Subject: WRTC-96 Compendium/Chronicles (tongue-in-cheek)
From: K7LXC@aol.com (K7LXC@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jul 24 11:43:01 1996
In a message dated 96-07-18 23:06:37 EDT, you write:

>And if you order 10 or more copies of the book, you get an extra copy that
>has been signed by the five top CW operators who have been booked to appear
>in the upcoming movie "Independence Day - The Aftermath"; and, direct from
>the White House basement fileroom, a copy of the FBI's secret file on W4KFC.
>Get your copy of the book and CDs and figure out how the winning team got
>those extra multipliers.  You'll want to review this data over and over,
>especially if you are selected to participate in the next WRTC.
>Operators are standing by!  Call 1-800-WRTC96, NOW!!!!!!

    What??  No Ginsu knives?  Bummer.

73,  Steve   K7LXC

>From n0dh@comtch.iea.com (Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House)  Wed Jul 24 15:53:36 
From: n0dh@comtch.iea.com (Nawvemburr Zeeero Dawg House) (Nawvemburr Zeeero 
Dawg House)
Subject: HF9-V.
References: <EuOItajYnZD1HOAM*@MHS>
Message-ID: <31F638F0.55C9@comtch.iea.com>

NRJ.ERJKMO@memo.ericsson.se wrote:

> Hello all. Does anybody use HF9-V by Butternut and how it is?
> Moe. JN3WYD/7N2MMX


For nearly 10 years the HF9V (actually HF6V in those days 
+160M kit +12/17M Kit)was my only antenna. With the exception
of 160M I have over 200 countries on each of the other 8 bands. Two
years ago I finally moved to the country where I have 15 acres
and lots of tall trees. I now have lots of wire arrays and dipoles
up really high and they all out perform the The butternut which 
is is still my all band backup antenna. 

Overview by band.

160M: About as effecient as a "tree stump". Definitely a 
compromise antenna" for this band. I did however work 3Y0PI on 
160M SSB using the B'nut, good for local rag chews. 2:1 VSWR 
Bandwidth is about 20KHZ. If you get more bandwidth than this
your ground system is no good!

80M: I have worked some pretty impressive DX on 80 and have
almost 250 countires here. I was never the first one through
in a pile up but I do get through. The Bandwidth on this band
with a good ground system is abouit 60KHZ. I used to mark the
antenna with electrical tape, run out and slide the coil up
and down depending on wheter I was working CW (3505) or SSB at
3795. Later I modofied the unit with a remotely operated vaccumn 
variable cap instead of the fixed cap which allowed me to "tune" 
the band. Comparing it to a full sized ground plane the full 
sized vertical is about 1 sunit stronger.

40M: Definitely the B'Nut's best band. 2:1 bandwidth about 175Khz

30M: Works ok

20M: A three element tribander its not but you can work anything 
you can hear on CW and about 1/2 of what you hear on SSB.

17M: The tunning of the antenna is a little tricky on this band
but not impossible.

15M: Again Tunning can be a little tricky here because you have to
resonate the decoupling stub as well as the length of the antenna itself.

12M: Works ok but see comments on 10 M

10M: Works Ok but not as good as a low dipole (8 meter high
dipole will generally out perfrom teh B'nut on this band and 12M).
Because of the small size and relative low heights if your serious
about 10 and 12 meters put up low dipoles instead.

The secret to doing anything with this antenna  is a good ground system.
In general I always had better luck with it roof mounted and 4 resonant
radials for each band (36 all together). Since I lived in reneted housing
for many years I never was able to put down a really good ground system
when I ground mounted the antenna.The radials need not always be in a
straight line, but should NEVER cross over each other. I set a wooden 
ence on fire once when running a KW on 80M and the 80 meter radial
arced to the 160M radial! My butternut is now mounted on top of a 
5M high steel barn with a 10M x 15M steel roof with (no radials) it 
plays as good or better than it vere did.

Hope everyone finds this of interest

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