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How Much does a DB Cost?

Subject: How Much does a DB Cost?
From: K8DO@aol.com (K8DO@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jul 25 11:59:56 1996
No, no, no, no, Charlie.... you got it backwards..... no antenna assembled
while wearing shorts and sunglasses will ever get a signal past the fence!

BTW, I have a full compliment of MFJ antenna analyzers... since I got the
RF-1 and used it the first time, they are all in the box and up on the shelf
becoming collectors items for sale for BIG bucks, at Dayton in 2016...
However, NO analyzer will be able to ignore induced currents from a nearby,
strong RF source....


>From kiddi@marel.is (Kristinn Andersen)  Thu Jul 25 17:04:58 1996
From: kiddi@marel.is (Kristinn Andersen) (Kristinn Andersen)
Subject: Antenna article
Message-ID: <>

Tom, W8JI noted:
  I've just read the most interesting antenna article I've ever read. Aug=
  CQ, Antennas and Digital communications...

  Among the highlights are the following bits of wisdom:


  9.) Coax feedlines MUST be cut to a multiple of 1/2 wl or the antenna w=
  not work because of backpressure.

  10.) Coax feedlines must be the correct size because, like a pipe and a
  water pump, if too large or to small they won't match the pump. The
  electricity will slow down ...(etc.).
  --- end of Tom=B4s highlights ---

Now, some 4 years ago I concluded that my technical level was *incompatib=
that frequently (altough not always) presented by CQ Magazine.  Furthermo=
I felt
their product reviews lacked the critical treatment that would make them
meaningful at all.
So, I terminated my subscription.

>From the above quotations things don=B4t appear to have improved.

        -de TF3KX

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