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Antenna article

Subject: Antenna article
From: K8DO@aol.com (K8DO@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jul 25 12:58:29 1996
In a message dated 96-07-25 10:22:47 EDT, you write:

<< >I've just read the most interesting antenna article I've ever read.
 >CQ, Antennas and Digital communications. I think everyone will enjoy this
 >article, especially Kurt N. Sterba. I can't wait 'til he sees it! 

Durn, the April issue really late this year.....


>From aa8u@voyager.net (AA8U)  Thu Jul 25 17:07:51 1996
From: aa8u@voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Subject: ZK1 DXpedition
Message-ID: <199607251607.MAA17511@vixa.voyager.net>

Hello Fellow DX'ers and Contesters,

I have forwarded the following to the reflecors with the permission of Loren
Pleet at Kenwood. They deserve the exposure this post will provide and you
may find the comments interesting. I hope so. 

I continue to get tons of QSL request, most with SASE included. I am
suprised to see so many Green Stamps included. They aren't necessary, but
are gratefully accepted. The bucks rx'd will be used for postage to QSL
those that can't afford the SASE. Thanks to you all!


President: Mad River Contest Club

>To: lpleet@ix.netcom.com (:Loren Pleet)
>From: "Bruce (AA8U)" <aa8u@voyager.net>
>Subject: Re: ZK1 DXpedition
>Cc: DX Reflector, CQ-Contest Reflector, Stan Barczak (K8MJZ), topband, Chod
Harris (DX Magazine), Bruce (AA5B)
>Hello Loren,
>We have returned after a most successful trip to Rarotonga. Thanks to
Kenwood and you it was a very enjoyable trip. 
>The PS-40 will be shipped to you very soon. It performed flawlessly,
powering all our 12vdc equipment. There was no trace of any switching noise
in any of the equipment. (this included an FT-900AT, Laptop PC, Timewave
DSP-59+, etc.) The power there was 240VAC 50HZ and the power supply never
gave us anything but the greatest performance we could expect. 
>The carry case is really neat. You should advertize it more! I carried the
radio and PC in this as carry-on baggage. It was comfortable to carry and
protected the equipment very well. The side pocket was handy for stuffing
the travel documents, passports, boarding passes, tickets, etc. and made
them readily available throughout our journey.
>We are very grateful for your support and thank you very much for all you
and Kenwood have done for us. I have the logo disks, and will see to it that
the picture qsl cards have your logo on them. 
>I have made arrangements for lodging on Manihiki in the North Cooks as we
plan to return in November of '97 or '98 depending on finances to operate
CQWW DX CW and a lot of low band DX for a week. This will be part of a three
week trip, two  weeks will be on Rarotonag again in the South Cooks. I have
received many requests to provide RTTY Q's on the next trip and this we will
do as well. 
>I hope you don't mind my copying this to the reflectors as you certainly
deserve to be recognized world wide for the support you so graciously and
generously provided.
>Thanks again from the ZK1 team,
>ZK1AAU  (aa8u@voyager.net)
>President: Mad River Contest Club
>At 10:57 AM 6/10/96 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi Bruce:
>>Thanks for the phone call earlier. We would be happy to provide you 
>>with a PS-40 to use on the trip and return when you come back. Also,  I 
>>will  a custom TS-50S travel case that was designed to carry the 
>>TS-50S, AT-50, PS-40, and other related items. Unfortunately we could 
>>not come up with an extra TS-50S. I will tell our ad agency to send the 
>>Kenwood logo to you.
>>All items will be sent to your Ford Road address.
>>Good luck on your trip.

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