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Hot Off the Press

Subject: Hot Off the Press
From: SPECK@uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu (SPECK@uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: Thu Jul 25 13:08:11 1996
Just got back from 3 grueling days of Cub Scout Camp and saw this:

"Vice Admiral Thomas Fargo relieved Vice Admiral John Scott Redd as Commander, 
US Naval Forces Central Command and as Commander, US Fifth Fleet during a 
ceremony July 17 at Fifth Fleet Headquarters in Bahrain.

After spending 22 months heading the command, Scott becomes Director for 
Strategic Plans and Policy, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Washington, DC."

Congratulations Vice Admiral Redd (aka: Scotty/K0DQ/A92Q)! Looks like we all 
lose a contest mult and PVRC gets a "hired gun" back!

                                        73,  Mark K0EJ  

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