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How much does a DB cost?

Subject: How much does a DB cost?
From: N9YXA@aol.com (N9YXA@aol.com)
Date: Thu Jul 25 16:13:23 1996
I put my antenna up in 10 degree weather here in Illinois, and I have worked
around 70 countries already! I don't think i'd put my antenna up in the warm


Cedrick Johnson
73's es vy gud DX

>From mats.persson@mbox2.swipnet.se (SM7PKK)  Thu Jul 25 20:54:33 1996
From: mats.persson@mbox2.swipnet.se (SM7PKK) (SM7PKK)
Subject: SK7DX on IOTA EU-138 for Contest
Message-ID: <>

Hi All,

Again the members of SK7DX are heading out to Hanoe Island for the IOTA=
We will take part in the multi/single category and are looking forward to
you all on all bands.

Have fun and CU de SK7DX via SM7PKK

SM7PKK                  E-mail: mats.persson@mbox2.swipnet.se
Mats Persson
Zenithgatan 24 # 5              DON=B4T USE CALLBOOK ADRESS IT=B4S WRONG!
S-212 14 Malmoe
Sweden                  CW !!

P.S My logs are open forever.. ever.. ever..

>From kw4t@pop.erols.com (Dan Weisenburger)  Thu Jul 25 21:16:21 1996
From: kw4t@pop.erols.com (Dan Weisenburger) (Dan Weisenburger)
Subject: Antenna article
Message-ID: <199607252016.QAA21141@smtp1.erols.com>

At 11:58 AM 7/25/96 -0400, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-07-25 10:22:47 EDT, you write:
><< >I've just read the most interesting antenna article I've ever read.
> >CQ, Antennas and Digital communications. I think everyone will enjoy this
> >article, especially Kurt N. Sterba. I can't wait 'til he sees it! 
>  >>
>Durn, the April issue really late this year.....
This can't be the August Issue.  Where's the Antenna farm picture?

I sure hope some newer operator doesn't spend the rest of the summer trying
for the perfect imaginary antenna.

For a good laugh you should have read this same operators mutilation of a
good microphone a couple of years ago.

73 Y'all  Dan

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