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vrml station tour

Subject: vrml station tour
From: ky1h@berkshire.net (David Robbins)
Date: Mon Jul 29 23:16:10 1996
I have added a vrml tour of my station to my web page.  It is
surprisingly easy to do basic vrml, especially to draw simple 
representations of yagis and towers.  using vrml and a web 
browser could be an interesting way to design and view antennas.

one request... does anyone know of a vrml model of rohn tower
that I could get??  or any other sources of antenna models in vrml?

ky1h@berkshire.net   or   robbins@berkshire.net

>From va3wto@pathcom.com (Rui,VA3WTO)  Tue Jul 30 00:41:37 1996
From: va3wto@pathcom.com (Rui,VA3WTO) (Rui,VA3WTO)
Subject: Iaru log
Message-ID: <31FD4C31.12DC@pathcom.com>

Hello,does any one now`s if there is a email adress were to send the
iaru log,if not i got the normal mail post office mail adress.
73 de Rui.

>From kn6dv@qnet.com (Willem A.Angenent)  Tue Jul 30 03:31:29 1996
From: kn6dv@qnet.com (Willem A.Angenent) (Willem A.Angenent)
Subject: N6HC Summer Bash update
Message-ID: <m0ul5Vv-0005REC@cello.QNET.COM>

The directions to Arnie's QTH are some what complicated so we will
monitoring 146.550 simplex.
Also you can call at 714 - 573 - 2965
Hope to see you there 73  Will



>From km9p@contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P)  Tue Jul 30 05:49:44 1996
From: km9p@contesting.com (Bill Fisher, KM9P) (Bill Fisher, KM9P)
Subject: Contesting Online Update (www.contesting.com)
Message-ID: <199607300449.AAA11486@paris.akorn.net>

Surf to http://www.contesting.com   

1.  WRTC 96 Coverage.
    -Links to everyone else's coverage
    -Lots of stories
    -More pictures

2.  Detailed Contest Descriptions
    -AA7TF has compiled descriptions of contester's stations.  I have made
it available in HTML, PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format *** REALLY COOL
***), and via FTP in Excel and Word formats.

3.  Stories - Randy, K5ZD, has compiled post contest stories from some of
the high scoring stations in each of the major contests.

4.  Links - AC1O has a huge collection of contest only links.  Many have
been recently updated.

5.  Guest book.  Sign in!

6.  Intro to Contesting Discussion Group - Please post some hints & kinks
for guys trying to climb the contest ladder.  Your comments will be updated
on the web page immediately.


Bill, KM9P

| Contesting Online... The ultimate           |
| source of ham radio contest information     |       
| http://www.contesting.com                   |

>From va3wto@pathcom.com (Rui,VA3WTO)  Tue Jul 30 12:10:02 1996
From: va3wto@pathcom.com (Rui,VA3WTO) (Rui,VA3WTO)
Subject: Iaru log Tank you.
Message-ID: <31FDED8A.1CC1@pathcom.com>

My specal tank`s to K9VFA,AA7VB,N2MZH,JA0FVU,S50U for replying to my
question were to send the IARU log via email,here is the answer:

73 to all de Rui.
One of the operator`s of the VA3SK contest Team.

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