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Vanity calls - when can you use them?

Subject: Vanity calls - when can you use them?
From: k4sb@avana.net (k4sb@avana.net)
Date: Thu Oct 31 23:16:36 1996
Well, just an opinion, but look at it from prior history. We could only
use our calls when we actually received the license, and that is still
true today, except for the interim bit when you upgrade, but that is a
matter of operating frequency. Of course, back then we didn't have access to 
the info. And of course, there is the distinct possibility that the call 
shown on the server will not be the one on the license because of a foulup. 

Then again, with the skill the FCC has shown so far, and the fact that
they really don't give a damn, I'd go ahead and use it. After all, it is
in their database.


Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb@avana.net
Time: 11:16:36 PM

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>From crepeau@tech.iupui.edu (Raymond Crepeau)  Fri Nov  1 03:39:11 1996
From: crepeau@tech.iupui.edu (Raymond Crepeau) (Raymond Crepeau)
Subject: Vanity calls - when can you use them?
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.95.961031223724.25269C-100000@etapps.tech.iupui.edu>

Part 97 was changed a while back to the effect that a callsign was
effective when "granted" (which is when it comes out of the computer).  So
if you see it in an official FCC generated data base go ahead and use it
(and smile).

Ray Crepeau, WB1HGO

>From kt4ld@juno.com (Andrew H Lewis)  Fri Nov  1 02:46:20 1996
From: kt4ld@juno.com (Andrew H Lewis) (Andrew H Lewis)
Subject: BOO
References: <>
Message-ID: <19961031.202435.7671.1.KT4LD@juno.com>

On Thu, 31 Oct 1996 15:15:05 -0500 n6bfm@avana.net (Bob Furzer) writes:
>                      _-.                       .-_
>                   _..-'(                       )`-.._
>                ./'. '||\\.       (\_/)       .//||` .`\.
>             ./'.|'.'||||\\|..    )*.*(    ..|//||||`.`|.`\.
>          ./'..|'.|| |||||\```````  "  '''''''/||||| ||.`|..`\.
>        ./'.||'.|||| ||||||||||||.     .|||||||||||| ||||.`||.`\.
>       /'|||'.|||||| ||||||||||||{     }|||||||||||| ||||||.`|||`\
>      '.|||'.||||||| ||||||||||||{     }|||||||||||| |||||||.`|||.`
>     '.||| ||||||||| |/'   ``\||/`     '\||/''   `\| ||||||||| |||.`
>     |/' \./'     `\./          |/\   /\|          \./'     `\./ `\|
>     V    V         V          }' `\ /' `{          V         V    V
>     `    `         `               U               '         '
>                             Happy Halloween!

Wow you are very creative. You should be an artist. HA HA HA HA HE HE HE
HE. HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN. Don't let the witches scare you.

                                            KT4LD-16 YEARS OLD 
ps I am not trick or treating this year since that's a little kids thing
but I am going to an uptown party with all teens.

>From n1ist@netcom.com (Michael L. Ardai)  Fri Nov  1 04:05:42 1996
From: n1ist@netcom.com (Michael L. Ardai) (Michael L. Ardai)
Subject: Vanity calls - when can you use them
Message-ID: <199611010405.UAA07499@netcom5.netcom.com>

I'd guess you can use them as soon as they hit the FCC's FTP site or 
they tell it to you over the phone.   You used to have to wait for the
license to show up in the mail, but they changed that last January, if
I remember correctly...

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