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Ham/Contest Club meetings in Los Angeles area?

Subject: Ham/Contest Club meetings in Los Angeles area?
From: HENRYPOL@aol.com (HENRYPOL@aol.com)
Date: Tue Oct 1 21:58:35 1996
I will be on a business trip in the LA area (Simi Valley) next week
(10/7-10/96).  Are there any ham or contest club meetings that I might
attend, in case I have some spare time in the evenings?

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL

>From clewis@ro.com (Charles Lewis, AD4Y)  Wed Oct  2 09:35:33 1996
From: clewis@ro.com (Charles Lewis, AD4Y) (Charles Lewis, AD4Y)
Subject: Fwd: Kenwood Sales Manager
References: <199610012352.QAA17102@dfw-ix11.ix.netcom.com>
Message-ID: <32522955.E52@ro.com>


You're outta line here! You've defamed his product, his objectives, and now, 
with the 
callsign spelling (KD6DUH), you've attacked his intelligence. If you haven't 
done so, you ought to be man enough to confront him head on, not hiding behind 
keyboard! Talk to him! Tell us exactly what he says! Do you really think the 
majority of 
us are laughing with you? Even if Kenwood is pursuing the marketing strategy 
we've seen 
suggested on these reflectors, the situation isn't likely to be improved by the 
kind of 
derision you've subjected us all to. These guys are pro's; they're also human, 
and make 
mistakes, and some are even willing to admit it! Give him a chance. Ya never 
know; he 
may thank you for pointing out the error of his ways ;)...my point is: I'd like 
to hear 
what he has to say to you. Or would you rather see him respond to you in front 
of all of 
us so we can laugh at you with his clever spelling of your call? What goes 
around comes 
  Chuck, AD4Y
        "Attribute not to others thine own faults, lest they thine own self 

Art Wallace wrote:
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> Received: from PAULM.kenwoodusa.com ([]) by
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> Sep 1996 19:23:18 -0700
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> From: Paul Middleton <paulem@ix.netcom.com>
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> Subject: Kenwood
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> I received the following message from the NATIONAL SALES MANAGER at
> Kenwood. Seems he took offense at the message someone put on the
> reflector (which I added to wondering if my Gold D-104 Eagle would work
> with it) about Kenwood selling their Amateur Radio products at truck
> stops. The new radio contained features like "Good Buddy Beeps, Noise
> Generator for clearing the frequency, Echo Generator"
> If you want to send your comments to Paul about Kenwoods new Truck Stop
> outlet chain, his E-Mail is  PAULM@IX.NETCOM.COM . Also maybe
> PAULM@KENWOODUSA.COM      His call is KD6DUH .
> Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder if the TS in TS-870, TS-950 stands for TRUCK STOP?
> 73  Art   KK6XN    :)
> Dear Mr. Wallace: (that's me,  Art)
> I have read your posting to internet. I would like to have the ability
> to speak with you over the telephone. It is important that we talk
> I will call you at your convenience if that is possible. Please provide
> me with your phone # and the best time to reach you. The information
> that you are providing is untrue. I wish to clear this matter up with
> you.
> Sincerely,
> Paul Middleton KD6NUH
> National Sales Manager

>From n4zr@contesting.com (Pete Smith)  Wed Oct  2 02:42:20 1996
From: n4zr@contesting.com (Pete Smith) (Pete Smith)
Subject: SB-220 on 10 mtrs
Message-ID: <199610020142.SAA11990@dfw-ix6.ix.netcom.com>

I've just acquired my first amp in 40 years of contesting, an SB-220.  It
shows excellent power out on 80-15 meters -- ca. 1200 W -- but only about
700 on 10.  Is this to be expected?  I remember reading somewhere that the
Measures parasitic suppressors with the nichrome wire could have this effect
on 10.  Possible?

73, Pete Smith N4ZR
... and not changing!

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