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Alpha 91B observation (unfunny)

Subject: Alpha 91B observation (unfunny)
From: Ai7b@teleport.com (Ai7b@teleport.com)
Date: Sun Oct 6 10:43:40 1996

        wonderful alpha reliabilty strikes agn!!

>From wrt@eskimo.com (Bill Turner)  Sun Oct  6 18:57:43 1996
From: wrt@eskimo.com (Bill Turner) (Bill Turner)
Subject: Kenwood - The FACTS
References: <199610061229.FAA03538@mail.eskimo.com>
Message-ID: <3257f117.26773544@mail.eskimo.com>

On Sun, 06 Oct 1996 12:15:00 -0300, WF3T wrote:
>        Now, it seems, they may be changing their plans, or just =
>their tactics to out and out lying about it. I certainly hope it is the
>first. If that is the case, and Kenwood has rethought their plans, I =
>like to see a public announcement stating the same.=20

Check their web site.  The announcement you're looking for is there.


73, Bill W7LZP

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