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Fcc and Vanity(delete if not interested)

Subject: Fcc and Vanity(delete if not interested)
From: k4sb@avana.net (k4sb@avana.net)
Date: Mon Oct 7 18:24:06 1996
Bernie, I think you're right. Let's just drop it. If you guys are satisfied,
who am I to complain. But where in the world did you get the idea I could
get the whole program cancelled? The Congress of the United States passed
this as Federal Law. The FCC was properly given instructions to implement
that law. They are the ones who have broken the law, not you nor I. I wish
you much success on W3DX, but how about a little side bet. W3DX will go to
an FCC staffer, or a political somebody, by a computer picking applications
at random.

Let's do just drop this.


Name: ed sleight
E-mail: k4sb@avana.net
Time: 5:24:06 PM

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