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ETO amp repairs??

Subject: ETO amp repairs??
From: kt6v@concentric.net (C.T. Morton)
Date: Mon Oct 7 09:35:29 1996
Have recently suffered self-induced problem with Alpha 89 (uncontrolled
grid current). Talked with Dave Wilson, new co-owner along with Dick and
he says repairs may take into the new year due to moving to new facility
100 miles north of COS. They have recently hired 3 new techs who must be
trained on the simpler amps before graduating up to 89s then finally
qualified to work on 87s. Dave, himself, will occasionally work on
repairs when his biz workload permits. Dave was very straight forward
about how long it may take and his desire to better service the ham
community. It appears that the move to the newer facility, still being
built, will drive the level of service over the next few months. 
In the meantime, have any of you had success with "shade tree" mechanic
who is reputable in repairing 89s? 73 Tom

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