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Fcc and Vanity(delete if not interested)

Subject: Fcc and Vanity(delete if not interested)
From: tad.danley@mail.nextel.com (tad.danley@mail.nextel.com)
Date: Mon Oct 7 19:37:34 1996
     Apparently the FCC is not allowing vanity applications to disturb 
     their "normal" work load:  
     I have a friend who wants to get into CONTESTING and he passed his 
     first ham test the evening of Friday, September 27th at a VE session 
     in Atlanta.  On Wednesday, October 2nd he became KF4MJQ.  Three 
     business days for the application to go from Atlanta to Dallas (W5YI 
     VEC), then electronically to the FCC to be granted...not too shabby.
     Maybe someday they will offer that kind of service to paying 
     Tad, NZ3I

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