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CQ WW SSB - Any NY stations need a fill-in operator?

Subject: CQ WW SSB - Any NY stations need a fill-in operator?
From: AA7NX@aol.com (AA7NX@aol.com)
Date: Tue Oct 8 04:16:30 1996
Hello Contesters,
I have had a trip to Poughkeepsie planned for the last week of October for
some time. I just found out that I can save my company over $1000 if I stay
over a Saturday night, so I will be in NY on the weekend of CQ WW SSB. I
would really like to sit in with a M/M or M/S group in the NYC or Hudson
River area that weekend. I consider myself mostly a CW operator, but am able
on phone also, though not a phone "iron man". I'm good for a couple hours at
a stretch and can do either rate or S&P with decent proficiency. I have done
M/M and single-op with W7RM the last few years, and spend several years
before that with the N6DX team in So. Cal. My plan is to come in
Friday/Saturday, depending on whether or not I find an operating opportunity.
Please let me know as soon as you can if you have a place for me. I am in
S.F. until Thursday, but will check my voicemail regularly. My numbers are: w
503-294-6769, pager 800-217-5629. I'll also be checking my email daily,
either at this address or at usibm5cz@ibmmail.com. Thanks for the

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