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Web Address for Vanity Filing

Subject: Web Address for Vanity Filing
From: jhumet@mhv.net (jhumet@mhv.net)
Date: Tue Oct 8 19:20:29 1996
Dose anyone out there have the web site address for filing of a vanity call 
sign application. I just received mine back in the mail today from the FCC.
I mailed it on Thursday and as luck would have it the mail was on time for a 
change. It was delivered on Friday... UGG..... It took them over two weeks to 
send it back and now I have to wite them a letter to request for a refund of 
the money as they will not give a credit toward future filings....

Tnx & 73... Joe... still WA2UKP.........

Name: Joe Humet
E-mail: jhumet@mhv.net
Time: 20:56:52

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