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Analogous Activities to Packet-Aided Contesting

Subject: Analogous Activities to Packet-Aided Contesting
From: frenaye@pcnet.com (frenaye@pcnet.com)
Date: Fri Oct 11 04:33:54 1996
>>Some comments on the concept of some competitors aiding some other 
>>competitors in activities similar to radio contesting follow.
>These activities are similar? Hmm. When looking at these activities, I 
>see nothing analogous to the classic tiered competition of radio 
>contesting - SO, M/S, M/M. 

        Bridge is a lot like ham radio.  The average age of a bridge player 
        is 68 now.  Ham radio isn't that far behind...

        Back to net.  73 Tom

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>From ey8mm@sovam.com (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh)  Fri Oct 11 09:26:01 1996
From: ey8mm@sovam.com (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh) (Nodir M. Tursoon-Zadeh)
Subject: Contest rules?
Message-ID: <199610110526.AA25031@scylla.sovam.com>


I will be thankfull for information about possiblities to
get contest rules. I hope there are some e-mail services
availible. I can't use WWW. FTP is possible. Thanks in advance.

PS Pse reply to <ey8mm@sovam.com> only.

73, Nodir


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