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Subject: T88T
From: wv5s@icon.net (wv5s@icon.net)
Date: Fri Oct 18 09:29:31 1996
In 1994, Belau (Palau) declared its independence from the USA.  
Consequently, the KC6 prefix needed to be replaced by a new 
unassigned prefix.  The prefix T8 has been assigned to Belau.  

 Oklahoma DX Assoc members N5OK and N5CG have now activated the T8 
prefix for the first time as T88T.  They will be using this call in 
both of the CQWW Contests.

 QSL to Box 88, Morris, OK 74445-0088. 


Jim Hood, WV5S
President, Oklahoma DX Association
Past operations: KC6SS, V63SH, /XE, /WH6, /NH7, /KP2
Previous calls: W0PUD, W7KDH, K5TWD
USA-CA # 432

>From k0wa@southwind.net (Lee Buller)  Fri Oct 18 14:44:49 1996
From: k0wa@southwind.net (Lee Buller) (Lee Buller)
Subject: MLA2500 Amp problem
Message-ID: <>

Ok you amp gurus...

My buddy has a Dentron MLA2500 that he stole a year ago from a local ham for
a ridiculous price.  

He has been using it for a year, but last weekend during the SET event
someone told him his signal sounded like there was a "motor boat" running in
the background.  Well, he called me and I suspect he lost a capacitor in the
power supply.  I asked him what his HV read and he indicated it was about
600 volts down...from 2300 to 1600 volts.  Haven't had time to pull the
cover.  No smoke, no fire, no smell, no explosion.  I can hardly think hje
lost a diode string.  The amp comes on and warms up like normal.

Has anyone seen this out there with the MLA2500?  Good amp, wanna get it
repaired for the guy.



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