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Kansas Contesters?

Subject: Kansas Contesters?
From: nv0y@horizon.hit.net (nv0y@horizon.hit.net)
Date: Sun Oct 20 12:10:36 1996
I live in the Wichita area and would like to find some other contesters in this 
area to do a multi-op for fun. I am 99% CW but that is no issue as far as 
contesting goes!!  Hope to hear from some of you. -- 73,  Mike NV0Y

>From n5ia@juno.com (Milt Jensen)  Sun Oct 20 17:42:49 1996
From: n5ia@juno.com (Milt Jensen) (Milt Jensen)
Subject: TopBand: Further Radial Installation Tip
References: <326A4A48.4EF@icenter.net>
Message-ID: <19961020.163739.6478.1.N5IA@juno.com>

With regards to the use of "Penetrox" or other brand name oxide inhibitor
for electrical or RF connections, it it a very good idea to extensively
wire brush the contact area immediately prior to the application of the
inhibitor.  This is especially true when using any aluminum or aluminum
alloy material.  Good luck es 73 de

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