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From: BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com (BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com)
Date: Tue Oct 22 22:07:52 1996
My post of yesterday was intended to humorously highlite an unintentional,
and certainly not mailicous, typo - where Wil, AA4NC's call was shown as
A4NC! These typos happen, guys (although the FCC better NOT have done it when
they input MY 610V)

I have 15 pieces of e-mail in my in box about how Wil has decided to NOT
change his call and I don't know what I am talking about.....Lighten Up
Guys....nobody beat you out to a 1X2 yet........settle down - anyways you
see, I plan on beating you all out - being the first 4 through, you see my
application is that of a "1" and this one final time going by call areas will
be a blessing :-)   ....arrrrrrrrrgh     .......just practicing my seasonal

QRZ Test

Jim, k1zx

KT4LD - special rookie category error, no penalty enforcement - but must work
any and all Florida stations heard in the ARRL  Sweepstakes...honestly Andrew
- don't sweat it - and have fun this contest season! 

>From w5xd@delphi.com (Wayne E. Wright)  Wed Oct 23 01:44:35 1996
From: w5xd@delphi.com (Wayne E. Wright) (Wayne E. Wright)
Subject: Ethernet info and questions
Message-ID: <01IAYIPLNB928ZI9UU@delphi.com>

A year or so ago there was an Ethernet thread on the reflector.
As I remember, folks thought it a good idea, but lack of 
software and price were issues.

I got a flyer from a company thats selling ISA Ethernet adapters
for $19.99. This seemed too low to be real (+/- $100 seems to be
the going rate) so I ordered one. It comes with drivers for
(among other OS's) Windows 3.11 and Windows 95. I pulled the 3COM
board ($110 last year) out of one of my PCs and put in
the AXEL SN2000, booted up each OS in turn, loaded the drivers,
and confirmed that my software (along with print and file sharing,
etc.) was still happy. It wasn't as easy to configure as the
3COM (you must use a DOS utility to set up an on board EPROM
and then set your drivers to match--the 3com was purely
automatic) and maybe there's a performance difference, but it
looks to me like a perfectly adequate networking card for
radio contesting networks. It only runs about 3 orders of
magnitude faster than our beloved COMM port nets.

COMPANY--I just happen to have found out they exist) is:

DataCom Mall

part #81585 Ethernet combo card 10base/T-BNC  $19.95

I places my order on the WEB on Sunday evening and received
the part Tuesday.

For those not familiar with Ethernet, a couple of background
1. Ethernet's base signaling rate is 10MBbs-- 1000 times faster
than 9600baud.
2. Most offices in the world have multiple computers and this
is the way they are interconnected 99.99% of the time. (that is,
ham-style COMM port networking is not used in the business 
3. Ham contesting software doesn't use Ethernet. My own
(free ware) software is an exception. Check out:
or call your friendly neighborhood ham contesting
software vendor and ask for Ethernet support.
4. The boards and my software aren't quite enough. You
need the interconnecting wires. You have choices. These
boards support BNC connections, which means you need
two 50 ohm terminators, two BNC T's (included with the
boards), and RG-58 between them. The other choice is
a twisted pair connection, but this requires a device
called a hub between them.

Some questions:
1. Does anyone know of a chat program for Windows 95? The
one for 3.11 doesn't work on '95 and I haven't found a new one.
2. The network in my shack is RG-58. I notice that 10baseT 
hubs are down to $50.00 or so. What's the right way to
wire a shack these days? I've never gotten RF into (or out of)
my RG-58 but (I'm ashamed to admit) my on-the-air time has
been too limited to say for sure that its interference-free.
3. I haven't priced serial boards with IRQ's above 8. Are
there boards at $20.00 like this one?

Replies to ME please, and, if there's interest, I'll

Wayne, W5XD

>From k1jks@juno.com (William G Bithell)  Wed Oct 23 04:05:19 1996
From: k1jks@juno.com (William G Bithell) (William G Bithell)
Subject: Please Packet to HB9ZE
References: <19961022.201547.7655.3.k1vr@juno.com>
Message-ID: <19961021.234331.5431.2.K1JKS@juno.com>

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996 17:34:20 EDT k1vr@juno.com (Fred Hopengarten) writes:
>The wife of HB9ZE called me on the telephone today, asking for the New 
>Hampshire  phone numbers for CT.  I did not have them immediately at 
>hand, and my 12 year old daughter called on the other line during the 
>call from Switzerland.  I excused myself for a moment (in both French 
>and English), but when I returned to the line, HB9ZE's wife was gone.  
>If you live in EU, would you please put a note on the European Cluster 
>excusing my behavior?  I'm very sorry if she thinks me rude.  They do 
>NOT have an e-mail address. I know of no other quick way to apologize, 
>as she gave me no phone number either.
>Fred Hopengarten, K1VR
>Six Willarch Road * Lincoln, MA 01773-5105 * 617/259-0088
>e-mail:  k1vr@juno.com
>Big antennas, high in the sky, are better than small ones, low.

CT BBS     (603) 878-1900

It's at KC1XX
GL, Bill K1JKS

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