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Bandplan on WWW?

Subject: Bandplan on WWW?
From: ke1fo@contesting.com (Alfred J. Frugoli)
Date: Thu Oct 24 17:46:38 1996
Peter wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there anybody out there who has a compilation of the several
> bandplans around the world?
> Peter
> pb0aui@euronet.nl

Not that I am aware of, but maybe that is a question that we should pose 
to the international community we have here on the reflector.  I would 
love to have such a resource.

Even if we only get input from people on the reflector (which I realize 
will not represent every different bandplan in the world), and get a 

I don't have capabilities to make a fancy graphical representation of 
these bandplans, but if people want to send me text based bandplans I 
would be willing to summarize such information and post it to the 
reflector and on my web page.  Please include the following information:

The country
Bands available and their frequency allocations
CW, SSB & digital (RTTY) sub-bands
Novice bands (where applicable)
Segments available to different liscence classes (such as the US 
   General, Advanced, and Extra band segments)
Any gentlemans aggrements you are aware of
DX Windows

I would prefer to recieve only known/printed band plans, and not 
information that is word of mouth (unless that is the only information 
you have for a DX windown or gentleman bandplan)

PLEASE RESPOND DIRECTLY ONLY TO: mailto:ke1fo@contesting.com, THERE IS 

P.S. can someone please cross post this to the DX reflector when it 
comes back up becuase I'm not subscribed to it.  Thanks.

Al, KE1FO, ex. KE6BER    mailto:ke1fo@contesting.com or ke6ber@tiac.net
Check out my web page, http://www.tiac.net/users/ke6ber for summaries 
from the contest reflector and a growing list of amateur radio links.

>From jtw2@NIOSR1.EM.CDC.GOV (Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D.)  Thu Oct 24 21:51:00 
From: jtw2@NIOSR1.EM.CDC.GOV (Wassell, James T.,  Ph.D.) (Wassell, James T.,  
Subject: Radio Shack voice chips ?
Message-ID: <326F77B3@SmtpOut.em.cdc.gov>

Has anyone tried using those radio shack recordable voice chips for SSB 
Seems they might be useful for CQing and sending the exchange.
Do they work?  Are they an inexpensive voice box or are they a waste of 
money for contesting?
If I get lots of replies, I'll summarize responses for the reflector.
Thanks & cu in the pileups.             73.       Terry,  K3JT......

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