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40m flagrant violaton

Subject: 40m flagrant violaton
From: bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com (bill.lumnitzer@paonline.com)
Date: Tue Oct 29 11:49:36 1996
 N6> And I thought flagrancy, even between consenting adults, was illegal
 N6> in the State of Georgia.

 N6> It's bad enough having all the wannabe frequency police on the bands. 
 N6> Do we have to have the whining here on the internet too?  

 N6> 73, DX was
 N6> Bob.

 N6> PS.  Any OOs from Montana on this reflector?  I still need an OO
 N6> report from Montana - The last State for my WASOO.

BALONEY! I'll bet you're one of those people in the polls who don't
think morals and ethics are relevant to politics either.


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