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NNY in CW Sweepstakes !!!!

Subject: NNY in CW Sweepstakes !!!!
From: k2db@frontiernet.net (Paul Mackanos)
Date: Wed Oct 30 21:45:29 1996
Just wanted to let everyone on the reflector know that the Hickory Lake
Contest Club will be convening its ANNUAL SWEEPSTAKES MEETINGS this
year. In the past years, we were located in the WNY section. As of this
year, we will officially be in the NNY Section. There is a group of 6
who will be participating in the CW SS this weekend. We plan to operate
for the full 24 hours allowed by the rules, and hope to stay close to
the bottom end of the general class CW bands. I have not heard of any
other operations for the new NNY section, and we hope to give everyone
the chance to work us. 
 Will be using the Club call KB2UGM as of now, but if the Vanity Program
issues any of our choices, we may be K2NNY or W2NNY or WB2ITU. As of
now, look for KB2UGM and we will NOT be the big SPEED DEMONS that
everyone complains about.
 Hope to work you and hope EVERYONE gets a SWEEP !!!!           

73 and CYA on Saturday at 4:00 EST we will start on 40 Meters.

P.S. Set up those CT, NA, TR and other programs to accept NNY !!!!

>From bier@teleport.com (Kevin L. Bier, KB0EBH/7)  Thu Oct 31 04:02:30 1996
From: bier@teleport.com (Kevin L. Bier, KB0EBH/7) (Kevin L. Bier, KB0EBH/7)
Subject: To dupe or not to dupe..
Message-ID: <>

>Is it better to just work a duplicate DX Q
>or just "QSO B4" and head on?
>My opinion is just work them and go on - after all 
>we're all human and can make mistakes - besides, the
>duplicate Q may be a mult and the score could be
>discounted either way....

I'm of the same opinion.  I've tried it both ways and find that both my
rhythm and the calling station's get jolted by "QSO B4".  That said, it's
less disruptive on SSB than CW.  I can go either way on SSB, but I prefer to
treat folks politely or be treated politely in those situations.

de kb(0ebh/7 -- but not for much longer!)

Kevin, KB0EBH/7 (/KH6, ZF2SD, /8P6 in WPX CW 1997!)
bier@teleport.com (home)
kevin_bier@hp.com (work)

>From 0002104829@mcimail.com (RONALD KLEIN)  Thu Oct 31 03:59:00 1996
From: 0002104829@mcimail.com (RONALD KLEIN) (RONALD KLEIN)
Subject: Fwd: Re: 40M Flagrant Violatons
Message-ID: <03961031035930/0002104829DF1EM@MCIMAIL.COM>

-- [ From: Ron Klein * EMC.Ver #2.3 ] --


I think you are off-base on your comment about "whining" on this topic. The
operators who are discussing this disgusting activity are truly WORLD-CLASS.
They aren't whiners. I know W0UN and I know the operator who was running his
station in CQWW this year. These guys don't have to whine or whimper to get
people to realize how good they are. The guy running W0UN's station this
weekend is possibly the best operator in the world - bar none! Whining is not
his style. 

Whoever the station was that was violating both FCC and contest rules should be
dealt with. I am glad to see this pointed out on this reflector, and you should
be too.


Ron - W0OSK (at least until the FCC fixes it's vanity call system computer!)

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> From: Bob Furzer               \ Internet:    (n6bfm@avana.net)
> From: Bob Furzer               \ Internet:    (n6bfm@avana.net)
> To:   CQ Contest - POSTS       \ Internet:    (cq-contest@tgv.com)
> cc:   w8cnl                    \ Internet:    (w8cnl@csra.net)
> cc:   w4mwt                    \ Internet:    (w4mwt@tiger.avana.net)
> Subject: Re: 40M Flagrant Violatons
> And I thought flagrancy, even between consenting adults, was illegal in the
> State of Georgia.
> It's bad enough having all the wannabe frequency police on the bands.  Do we
> have to have the whining here on the internet too?  
> 73, DX was
> Bob.
> PS.  Any OOs from Montana on this reflector?  I still need an OO report from
> Montana - The last State for my WASOO.
> At 03:56 PM 10/28/96 -0500, you wrote:
> >
> >I heard the same thing on 75M on many occasions.  I couldn't believe some
> >of the callsigns I heard just working a guy transceive on 3743Khz.  I
> >assumed it was a mental lapse...  I guess after you hear the first guy do
> >it you assume your transceiver is wrong and go with the flow?  I had to
> >wait to work the guy the next night when he was listening up.  Oh well.
> >
> >73
> >
> >Bill, KM9P
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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>From seay@Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay)  Thu Oct 31 12:27:42 1996
From: seay@Alaska.NET (Jan & Del Seay) (Jan & Del Seay)
References: <199610302307.AAA05959@mail.be.innet.net>
Message-ID: <32789B3E.738A@alaska.net>

Quit complaining, John.  I haven't heard a signal on 10 meters
since 1994. (Except for the truckers that use Kenwoods as they
go through Anchorage)  de KL7HF

John Devoldere wrote:
> 10 M: Dead... dead... dead... Some burst of sporadic-E to the South. Did I
> read somewhere that XX9XX made over 2,000 QSO's on 10 meters????  That's
> almost 50 times what we did.... Last year we made 88 Q's, this year 55! I
> understand the guys in the Mediteranian aerea worked US stations? Boy, did I
> wish we were 1000 miles South from here.
> PS Did you guys know that Belgium has the latitude of Calgary (VE6)....
> Would you like to contest from Calgary??

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