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[CQ-Contest] Countdown Contest?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Countdown Contest?
From: k7fd@netbridge.net (K 7 F D)
Date: Tue Apr 1 09:31:04 1997
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Someone once mentioned a contest where everyone starts off
with, say 1000 Q's. Every time you make a contact, you mark one
off...999, 998, 997 etc. He or she who reaches zero first wins.
Anyone heard of this one...or was it a bad nightmare?

73 John K7FD, "F"ools "D"ay

WebPage - http://www.netbridge.net/k7fd

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From: Ric.Painter@12.collage.net (Ric Painter)
Subject: [CQ-Contest] New WARC Band Only CONTES
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Wanna really stir up trouble with the no-Contesters?

Let's start a WARC Band Only CONTEST!   Nahhhh.  Just foolin'

73  Ric  Wo4o  < Ric.Painter@12.collage.isdn.net >  Ridgetop, TN
|Fidonet:  Ric Painter 1:116/12
|Internet: Ric.Painter@12.collage.net
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