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[CQ-Contest] microsoft mail and logs

Subject: [CQ-Contest] microsoft mail and logs
From: edwoods@pbsac01.isp.PacBell.COM (Woods, Eric D edwoods)
Date: Tue Apr 1 17:49:00 1997
Why did I have to send Billy 2 separate emails via microsoft mail to get all 
my q's to him?

It was only 450 or so -

I had to divide the log into 7kb segments and Mail would only allow me to 
insert four of dem.

nice system.

He'll love piecing this together.

Sorry Billy

Eric, K6GV
edwoods@pacbell.com (no, not SBC.com, not yet, anyways)

can you tell that I did this after running around N. Cal. all day?  Time to 
go home

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