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[CQ-Contest] TESLA Championship (pickup the gauntlet...)

Subject: [CQ-Contest] TESLA Championship (pickup the gauntlet...)
From: K3BU@aol.com (K3BU@aol.com)
Date: Sat Apr 5 06:11:52 1997
In a message dated 97-04-04 08:54:39 EST, [CQ-Contest] pick up the gaunlet! 
KR2Q wrote:

<< I say.... MAKE YOUR OWN CONTEST! >>

OK, how about resurecting the Radiosporting WRC contest - good rules, good
time of the year. Looking for trophy donors and help with computerized log
processing. If we make the log submission by email, we could have results out
in no time. Suggestions, comments, sponsorship offers to TESLA RC:

TESLA - World RADIOSPORTING Championship
Phone: Saturday October 11, 1997,   0000 to 2400 GMT   
CW: Sunday October 12, 1997,   0000 to 2400 GMT 
(And/or weekend in April, if no WPX contest)

The single operator stations may operate no more than 22 hours
out of the 24 hours on each mode. A minimum of two hours of rest
time may be taken in one or two rest periods. All multi operator
stations can operate the full 24 hour periods.
 1. Objective: For amateurs around the World to contact other
amateurs in as many countries as possible. All contacts with fixed
or mobile licensed amateur radio stations around the world,
including own country, count.
 2. Bands: 1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28 MHZ 

 3. Number exchange: Signal report plus the consecutive QSO
number starting with 001. (59001 on phone, 599001 on cw)

 4. Points: Each correctly sent exchange is worth one point, each
correctly received exchange is worth one point on phone and two
points on CW, a total of two (three on CW) points for each error
free contact. The same station can be contacted only once on each
band and mode for a valid point credit. Contacts with own country
count also.

 5. Multipliers: On each band a multiplier of one for each different
DXCC country contacted, plus one for each call area (not prefix)
in the following countries: Australia (VK1 - 8), Brazil (PY1 - 8),
Canada (Vx1 - 9, VO1. VO2 VY1, 2), Japan (Jx1 - 0) European
Russia (Ux1, 3, 4, 6), Asian Russia  (Ux9, 0, USA  (W/K/N etc. 0 -
9). (Do not count VK1 as a VK - country, too.) Also, a multiplier
of one for each of the land, maritime and aeronautical mobile
group (/M, /MM, /AM). 

 6. Scoring: The final score is the result of the total QSO points
from all bands multiplied by the total multipliers from all bands.

 7. Categories of competition: 
H. High Power - stations using the maximum legal limit permitted
in their country.
L. Low Power - stations using the maximum output power of 100
Q. QRP - stations using the maximum output of 5 Watts

In each of the above power groups there are the following
A. Single Operator - All Band 
B. Single Operator - Single Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters
C. Multi Operator - Single Transmitter
D. Multi Operator - Multi Transmitter
E. Club Competition - Combined

Combined Phone and CW scores will be used for the main
competition category. Phone and CW results will also be posted
and awards issued.
Category A and B can be operated by a single operator, without
any other assistance from other operators, packet, Internet, repeater
nets or bulletin boards.
Category C and D includes club stations, stations operated by more
than one operator and single operator stations using repeater,
Packet,  Spotting nets or any other assistance while operating.
The single transmitter category stations may use only one
transmitter which is connected to the power source during the
contest. In case of failure, it may be replaced by another
transmitter. Spotting operators may use receivers or transceivers
with transmitter disabled only.
The multi transmitter category stations may operate one transmitter
per band simultaneously. All transmitters must be located within a
500 meter diameter or within the property limits of the station
licensee's address. The antennas must be physically connected by
wires to the transmitter.
 Category E - Club Competition entries may claim a maximum of
one station per category, in a selected power group, on each mode
(maximum 18 - nine on phone and nine on CW). The final club
score is the addition of individual highest scores made by the club
members on both modes Expeditions and mobile operations by the
club members can also be counted. The club official must submit a
list of stations, their category and scores. Each power group will be
judged separately.
 8. Awards: First place certificates will be awarded in each
category and power group in every participating country, call area
and mobile group. 
World and continental records will be kept and published.
 9. Trophies and plaques will be awarded to the highest scoring
stations in all categories. If one station would qualify for more than
one trophy, the second less significant trophy will go to the next
eligible station. Individuals, clubs, societies and companies are
encouraged to sponsor a trophy.

10. Loq instructions: Ail dates/times must be In GMT. All the sent
and received exchanges must be logged. A multiplier should be
indicated only the first time it is worked on each band. Logs must
be checked for duplicate contacts, correct QSO points and
multipliers. Entries with more than 200 contacts must include list
of contacts (dupe sheets). Do not use separate log sheets for each
band, except for multi operator, multi transmitter stations who
should keep separate logs and numbering per band. Single operator
stations must clearly mark the rest periods in the log and should
indicate the total operating time on the summary sheet. A sample
contest form kit is available from IRSA for a SAE and $1 or 3
IRC. Electronic logs and summary sheets in popular formats are
acceptable and encouraged to use.
     All participants are encouraged to send the log in
regardless of their score. They are needed for checking purposes.
 11 Deadline: To be included in the results an contest logs must be
in hands of IRSA WRC Contest Committee by December 31st.
Logs must be mailed not later than 30 days after the contest to:
Box 282, Pine Brook, NJ 07058 
World Champion Club
Nicola Tesla Memorial Trophy 

World Champion - Multi Operator Multi Transmitter
Jim Lawson W2PV Memorial Trophy
World Champion - Single Operator, All Bands 

World Champion - Single operator, Single band

World Champion - Multi operator,  Single transmitter

World Champion - Single Operator, All Bands 
World Champion - Single operator, Single band
World Champion - Multi operator, Single Transmitter

World Champion - Single operator, All band

World Champion - Single operator, Single band

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