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[CQ-Contest] New Contest?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New Contest?
From: 0004504465@mcimail.com (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Mon Apr 7 02:39:00 1997
Wow, a new contest!  The Radiosport Incomplete QSO Contest.
Really neat rules:
Sent reports count 1 point.  No mention of
whether another station must be on the frequency
or not.  You get another 2 points if someone else is 
actually there, receives the report, and sends one back.
Or, you get 2 points if you just receive a report and 
don't send one back.  Sort of like sending someone money 
and getting nothing in return!
I get the impression that K3BU is trolling for credibility
and a leadership position; from the first Yurigram that appeared 
here (With K7LXC's colorful rejoinder).  Lets see:
   Volunteering to go to IG9 and supervise their efforts
   at world record setting.  Hey, perhaps they will bite
   on that. 
   Collecting input on 160M Phone Contest rules violations.
   Volunteering to set up some kind of forum at Dayton to
   whine about contest rules.
   Yelling at Kenwood because they didn't react to his kind
   offer of engineering management for any new transceivers,
   including the use of his many Bona-Fides. 
   Extending the engineering offer to Yaesu and Icom (No results 
   have been ducted in here so far).
   Vigilante fervor against someone who dared to use "his" frequency.
   Putting forth an old contest, defunct because someone ran off
   with the silverware.
Hey, maybe he'll start up a magazine!  Maybe take up a collection!
I would advise anyone NOT to send him any money.

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