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[CQ-Contest] Shipping equipment abroad

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Shipping equipment abroad
From: jfeustle@uoft02.utoledo.edu (Joseph A. Feustle, Jr.)
Date: Mon Apr 7 16:37:51 1997
I need to ship a transceiver to a fellow ham involved in contesting in
Poland. The rig, a 940SAT, weighs about 50 lbs. The local Post Office
tells me that there's a weight limit of 33 lbs. on anything going to
Poland. UPS tells me that it would cost an arm and a leg to send it
through them. Could anyone who has shipped equipment abroad provide some
guidance and suggestions? Tnx.

Joe Feustle, N8JF

BTW: given the interest abroad in used equipment from the States, it
looks like the competition will be even tougher in the future, or more

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