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[CQ-Contest] Beverage near metal fence

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Beverage near metal fence
From: ni8l@imperium.net (Scott Detloff, K8DX)
Date: Mon Apr 7 16:57:24 1997
I'm going to be installing a chain-link fence in the next few weeks.  It
will be about 100' X 75' and 48" inches tall.  One of my Beverages (NE/SW)
will go right over it.  The Beverage is 800' long and will run parallel with
the fence near the middle for 100' about 20' away from the fence.

Do you think the fence will degrade the performance of the Beverage?  Any
precautions to take? (i.e. breaking the fence into smaller lengths)  NOT
putting up the fence is not an option.
(XYL's idea)

73...Scott K8DX

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