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[CQ-Contest] Whoelse can you call??

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Whoelse can you call??
From: G.Force@flashnet.it (Giorgio Fanelli)
Date: Fri Apr 11 17:08:45 1997
At 22.31 09/04/97 -0600, Mike W0MU wrote:

>I have NEVER received any certificate from a CQ sponsored contest.  I was
>due 3 or 4 for some of my efforts 10-12 years ago.
><Am I that old now?> :(
 I also not receive certificate for my victory of '92 WPX SSB contest from
CQ. I fax, write and E-MAIL but newer. I am on Italy and FAXing to USA is vy
expensive. Any Idea or solving problem? Dear Mike...you risk to be vy old
stanby for CQ certiicates :-)!!!
'73 and gd testing. George I0YQV.

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