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[CQ-Contest] Contest admin problems

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Contest admin problems
From: russ@inetport.com (Russ - N5LT)
Date: Fri Apr 11 23:11:27 1997
>From:  Kosmenko, Gordon
>Sent:  Friday, April 11, 1997 10:02 AM
>To:    'cq-contest@contesting.com'
>Subject:       [CQ-Contest] CQ Contest - Help !

>Our administrative problems seem to be rooted in voluntary commitment
>of a few dedicated individuals which have a tremendous work load to just
>make happen the written announcements, after contest log checking and
>posting of score results.
>So. it seems we as the international contest community need to do
>something to "spin-up" the administrative needs for our major contests
>to make them meet the needs which have been echoed on this reflector
>so many times.

If all of the administrative tasks are volunteer driven and the job doesn't
get done as well or as fast as some people think then why not just add more

An example:  Several people have expressed dismay at the long lead time for
certificates.  Instead of having one person responsible for all certificate
mailing (as I assume is the current method), why not spread the task out
among a few volunteers?  Have a certificate distribution bureau similar to
the present qsl bureau system where each call district or DX country has a
separate volunteer.

ex. N5KA, AA5RB, N5DDO

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