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[CQ-Contest] Vanity Calls In OH

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Vanity Calls In OH
From: ari.korhonen@pp.kolumbus.fi (Ari Korhonen)
Date: Sun Apr 13 13:56:23 1997

As you may remember from OH1NOA´s posting, people who were ready to pay
about $400 had possibility to apply for a new callsign. Well, the new
callsigns are out now. It seems that the "MM" -suffix was the most requested
one here in OH. Ville, OH2MM got some company! One of my buddies traded
OH1NSJ for OH1MM, not a bad choice! Look for some new OH suffixes during the
upcoming contest season!

  73 Ari, OH1EH
  Contest manager for SRAL

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