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Subject: [CQ-Contest] NEWS.
From: w2vjn@rosenet.net (George Cutsogeorge)
Date: Mon Apr 14 10:38:20 1997
My XYL and I are in the process of purchasing the assets of International
Radio and Computers, Inc / Fox Tango.  The Florida operation will cease
April 15 and we will start up May 1.  The new (old) name will be
International Radio.  There will be a web site at www.qth.com/inrad and the
email mbx is inrad@rosenet.net.
Phone will be 541 459 5623 between 9AM and 1 PM PDT, Tues-Sat and fax 541
459 5632.

Thanks Trey. 

George Cutsogeorge, W2VJN
Umpqua, Oregon

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