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[CQ-Contest] 3*8 hour contests - NO

Subject: [CQ-Contest] 3*8 hour contests - NO
From: N6NT@worldnet.att.net (Bruce Sawyer)
Date: Wed Apr 2 19:43:42 1997
At 06:13 PM 4/2/97 +0000, you wrote:
>The WPX survey (N4KG), as well as earlier discussions on the reflector,
>indicate that there are many of us who prefer shorter contests to the
>48-hour or even 36/30 hour operations.
>I would like to see more DX- and WPX-like contests (that is,
>international contests) based on the 3*8 hour format:  8 hours on, 8 off,
>8on, etc.  This utilizes the entire 24 hour propagation cycle while, at the
>same time, not totally depriving our families of the great pleasure of
>enjoying our presence during contest weekends.
>73 - Kristinn, TF3KX
This is easy to say when you have a TF3 prefix, but absolutely not true when
you are a N6 (or W6 or K6, ...)  I believe it is more exciting to watch
paint dry or grass grow than it is to operate a DX contest from this part of
the world.  The way a lot of us make it fun is by going to some place else
for DX contests.  My highly unscientific sampling of contest expedition
statistics says we 6's do way more than our share of expedition traveling.
While our motives aren't totally selfless, you can't deny that those
expeditions result in places getting activated which otherwise would not be
on the air and thus yield more multipliers and so more fun for everybody
else involved.

That having been said, I will say that for me a 36 hour contest in general
is not worth the price of the airplane ticket; a 30 hour contest definitely
isn't worth it.  Based on the relatively small number of expeditions I see
out for WPX (as compared to other DX contests), I think I'm not alone in
this view.  No matter how you try to cut costs in traveling, it still takes
a hunk out of your wallet to travel for a contest.  More than that, there
often is a lot of work involved in setting a station up once you get there.
A short contest just doesn't justify those costs.  So I would argue the
other way:  change WPX to a straight 48 hours, off-time at your own peril.

Bruce, N6NT

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