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[CQ-Contest] Diskocaust

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Diskocaust
From: srobbins@usit.net (Scott Robbins)
Date: Mon Apr 7 21:40:21 1997
(Before I start this, let me say this is *not* a complaint about the ARRL)
Hi folks:
I got my ARRL DX CW log file disk returned via mail today with a pink
Post-It (tm) saying "Disk Unreadable", with no indication of sender or
what I should do about it.  I popped it into my fearless, lets-crank-
Europe 386 laptop and it did indeed come up as bad.

I called the League and asked about sending a replacement and
whomever I talked to (not Billy Lunt) was non-committal, something
to the tune of "sure, send another one, I don't know what they do
with them", not their fault because it wasn't the contest desk...

So...I'm going to send another one tomorrow, and I guess what I am 
asking is, well, am I going to have this covered properly or am I just
out of luck for this year?  Any thoughts?  Please reply direct.

Scott Robbins, W4PA 

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