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[CQ-Contest] W/K point count

Subject: [CQ-Contest] W/K point count
From: margoh@compuserve.com (RUSSELL C. HILL)
Date: Tue Apr 8 11:53:41 1997
As the holder of a "rare" K5 prefix, I observed the following behavior in
myself in the immediate past WPX Test:  When in S&P mode, I ignored
stations having prefixes I had already worked.  I am sure they probably,
most of the time, did not need a K5 prefix mult, but even if I had an
actual rare prefix, I would have ignored them all the same.  Maybe they
needed my prefix, but that was their problem-- I wasn't about to waste time
on a zero point, zero mult QSO.

When I was calling "CQ Test", and a W/K prefix I already had called me, I
felt irritation at my time being wasted on a zero pointer QSO, although I
did work them out of courtesy.  At the same time I did wonder how many
prefixes I needed were hearing me but not bothering to call me because they
did not need another K5.

In my opinion, whether or not one has a common or rare w/k prefix, the
effect is the same, although it will vary in degree.

I believe the playing field could be leveled very easily:  Simply apply the
same scoring points for working different states/provinces within North
America as are available for working same continent/different countries. 
We would no longer hear (or perhaps just think) the question "Why should a
20 mile QSO between Holland and Germany count points while a 2000 mile QSO
inside North America counts nothing?"  Yes, I know, the contest exchange
for W/Ks would have to be modified, but I think the scoring system MUST be
modified in some fashion for the contest to interest me more than
peripherially in the future.  Perhaps 1 point or 2 points for in country
QSO's is a viable compromise to avoid having to modify the exchange.

Or, make it a North America works only DX, and DX works only North America,
but that would severely change the nature of the contest, and I think that
would be a shame.

And, let's all keep this in perspective:  This is a HOBBY!  (Isn't it?)

TNX es 73,


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