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[CQ-Contest] Windows 95

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Windows 95
From: cshinn@connect.net (Charles D. Shinn)
Date: Tue Apr 15 20:07:00 1997
If you truely anticipate problems with Win95 then keep a dos bootable floppy 
disk around the shack. When you want to run CT or other things that you may be 
leary about simply boot the computer from the floppy and then do a cd to the 
correct directory and run your executable file....Whala! No WIN95 on a WIN95 
cpu....de Chuck W7MAP

It has come to my attenion that I friend of mine(N5HRG)said that someone
had a list
of setting to run CT inwindows 95.If you could please send them again I
would be greatly pleased.I just got upgrade on computer here and went for
win95 to my dismay
I have heard that there are a few bugs running CT in this format.

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