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[CQ-Contest] Windows 95

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Windows 95
From: jholly@cup.hp.com (Jim Hollenback)
Date: Wed Apr 16 08:32:36 1997
On Apr 15,  7:07pm, Charles D. Shinn wrote:
> Subject: RE: [CQ-Contest] Windows 95
> If you truely anticipate problems with Win95 then keep a dos bootable floppy
disk around the shack. When you want to run CT or other things that you may be
leary about simply boot the computer from the floppy and then do a cd to the
correct directory and run your executable file....Whala! No WIN95 on a WIN95
cpu....de Chuck W7MAP
> ----------

Another solution would be to use a product like 'boot commander' so that
you can have multiple boot capability. This way you can have your DOS,
WIN3.1, Windows95, NT, UNIX, and what not all available on disk, in
separate partitions, and can boot whatever you want at the time.

73, Jim, WA6SDM

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