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[CQ-Contest] Station design resources

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Station design resources
From: rhummel@monad.net (Rob Hummel)
Date: Wed Apr 16 14:10:01 1997
My new house had the following criteria designed into the hamshack.

1. In the basement, both for better grounding and to prevent family
rebellion during CONTESTS.

2. Seperate entrance to the hamshack (walk-out basement). This allows groups
of wandering CONTEST operators to enter and exit without spooking the XYL in
her nightgown at 0300 local. (Also prevents scraggly-looking ops from
catching lead from overprotective XYL.)

3. Small room next to operating position containing the following: sink,
running water, microwave oven, coffee machine, toilet. See #2 for reason.

4. Separate breaker box with transfer switch and generator hookup. (NOTHING
interrupts the CONTEST.)

5. Separate zone comming off the FHW system -- to keep toes cozy during
winter nights.

6. Plenty of open wall space to hang plaques and certificates.
 Rob Hummel (WS1A) <rhummel@monad.net>

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