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Subject: [CQ-Contest] [Fwd: Local PIRATE RADIO...Yes or No !!]
From: nl7gp@Alaska.NET (Jon Kimball)
Date: Tue Apr 22 13:48:30 1997
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. . . . A T T E N T I O N  RADIO AMATEURS !! . . . . . 

Pirate radio stations are popping up all over the globe, maybe even in
your back yard !! 

Just this week in Alaska, 3 stations have surfaced on the local FM dial.
One station in Girdwood, (a ski resort near Anchorage) is for the people
by the people, with blessings from the fire dept. and the lone police
officer for obvious reasons.

Another station in the city has been observed with the CB mentality, in 
that profanity and lack of social order are splattering through.

Yet a third is shining with promises of proper licensing, community
programming, etc...

All are under the scrutiny of the local media presenting themselves
as a 'voice' for the people in the vast emptiness of the FM dial.

1.  Is there a place for these pirates / amateurs in your community?
2.  Are you for or against these pirate stations, and why ??? 

Please feel free e-mail your comments to me:

Jon Kimball 
KL2A ex. NL7GP    at:  <nl7gp@alaska.net>

Thanks for your time and the bandwidth!

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