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[CQ-Contest] Info on Bandpass filters and Stubs

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Info on Bandpass filters and Stubs
From: plefever@isd.net (Phil Lefever)
Date: Wed Apr 23 14:55:15 1997
Field Day is just around the corner and this year our team wants to do
something about interferance. I have been looking into using bandpass
filters and/or stubs on every station. We would like to home brew if
possible to keep costs down. 

I would like to see any references as to construction/use of filters
or stubs as related to multi-transmitter sites. If you could, point me
to any books, mags or internet URL's.

Also any comments on the I.C.E. line of bandpass filters.

Thanks for the help.

Phil Lefever   ARS:KB0NES  kb0nes@isd.net               Twin Cities Repeater 
plefever@isd.net or kb0nes@tcrc.org                     Burnsville,MN

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