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[CQ-Contest] Field day RTTY--CW

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Field day RTTY--CW
From: kn6dv@QNET.COM (Will, KN6DV)
Date: Sun Apr 27 20:50:16 1997
Here a part of the Field day rules.
Question: does this means you can work a station on CW and RTTY or if you
worked him on CW you can not work him again on RTTY? any band?

I would like to set up a RTTY station for our local club.

C.Each phone and each CW segment is considered as a separate band. All
voice communication contacts are equivalent, and Packet/RTTY/ASCII/AMTOR is
counted as CW. A station may be worked once on each band. Crossband
contacts are not allowed. The use of more than one transmitter at the same
time on a single band is prohibited, except that a Novice/Technician
position may operate on any Novice band segment at any time. No repeater


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