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[CQ-Contest] Accurate Time TSR

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Accurate Time TSR
From: n4to@ct.net (Victor A. Dubois)
Date: Mon Apr 28 02:04:59 1997
It seems that quite a few desire the info on subject TSR. Below is a
summary of the information received:

Info from K2RK:  

        " Here's one... http://www.cclabs.missouri.edu/~c533483/netmiser/aAtomic
       Clock..Win95. Go to the shareware sites, there's half a dozen...
some that                            dial up WWV, others get it from the
Net, then play with your error rate and
         re-set the 'puter..."

Info from NM1Q:

        " I'm not sue if this is the "TSR" you were looking for, but there is a
                  program on the WEB called Atomtime by Bruce Adelsman
(BAdelsman@aol.com)                   what may be the one you were looking

Info from N4SI and NV4O:

        The May issue of QST on page 61 has an article regarding setting the
clocks in our computers, including several internet sites where software to
accurately set the computer clock can be downloaded.

Info from W6CT:

        " I am not a computer "geek", but from what I have read TSR's can often
          mess  up other programs.

          There is a non-TSR program I use called Timeset, which in about 45
seconds,          can make a landline call to a telephone time service and
reset your computer

        It is for DOS, and I am not sure if it is still available. The price I
have               listed is $40

        Pete Petrakis
        Life Sciences Software
        POB 1560
        Stanwood, WA  98292

        alt address-  8925 271 St. NW, Suite 112

        tel 206-387-9788"

Ok guys now everyone has the info hope we all get our 'puters on the
correct time.


Vic  N4TO

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