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[CQ-Contest] The Michigan QSO Party

Subject: [CQ-Contest] The Michigan QSO Party
From: k8dd@contesting.com (Hank Kohl)
Date: Thu Apr 10 12:45:25 1997
Michigan QSO Party
April 19 & 20, 1997
Sponsored by the Hazel Park ARC & the Eastern MI ARC

Operating Periods       1800Z April 19 until 0300Z April 20  
                        1100Z April 20 until 0200Z April 21.

Frequencies:  CW - 1810, 3540, 3725, 7035, 7125, 14035, 21035, 21125, 28025,
28125;  Phone - 1855, 3905, 7280, 14280, 21380, 28380;
VHF - 50.125, 145.025, 146.55.  Try 160 after dark on the even hours.
No WARC bands, No Repeaters

Exchanges:  Exchange signal report, QSO number and QTH
(County for MI stations, state or DXCC country for others).

Scoring:  1 point per phone QSO and 2 points per CW QSO.  Stations may be
worked once per band/mode.  Duplicate contacts must be marked.  QSO's with
club calls K8EPV, W8JXU & other MI Club Stations count 5 additional points
Contacts with MI stations on county lines may be claimed for each county as
long as a new contact number is given for each county.

Multipliers:  MI stations - sum of MI counties + states + DXCC countries wkd
Max 85.
Others -  sum of Michigan counties worked (max 83) 

Final Score:  Total Points  X  Total Multipliers

Entry Classes:  Single Op, Multi-Op, & Mobile.  And QRP
Single & Multi-Op are allowed only one transmitted signal at a time.

Awards:  Plaques                Certificates 
High Score Lower Peninsula      Top S/O entry, each MI county
High Score Upper Peninsula      Top entry, each State
High Score MI - Multi-Op        Top entry, each Province
High Score MI - Mobile          Top entry, each Country
High Score QRP                     where there is a significant entry
High Score Out of State                         
High Score - MI Club

Logs & Dupe Sheets:  Logs must be submitted on an official form or 
reasonable facsimile. Forms are available from EMARC.  Entries with 100 
or more QSO's MUST have dupesheets.  Computer logs (NA, CT, etc.) must 
include a completed paper summary sheet.
Please include $1.00 (US) with your log for a copy of the results, and to
help defray the costs of mailing, printing, handling, etc.

Log Submission:  Mail logs by May 31, 1997 to MI QSO Party (EMARC),
POB 611230, Port Huron, MI  48061-1230
E-mail logs by May 31, 1997 to k8dd@contesting.com  
Attach an ascii file <call>.prn  or <call>.log and <call>.sum summary sheet.

At this time the following clubs have sponsored Plaques.  
        Dale Williams WA8EFK    High Score - MI Lower Peninsula
        Eastern MI ARC          High Score - Multi-Op
        MI QRP Club             High Score - QRP
        Hazel Park ARC          High Score - MI Club
        Oakland Co ARS          High Score - Out of State
        SEMDXA                  High Score - DX

CQ-Contest on WWW:        http://www.contesting.com/_cq-contest/
Administrative requests:  cq-contest-REQUEST@contesting.com

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