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[CQ-Contest] RE: 1996 ARRL SS

Subject: [CQ-Contest] RE: 1996 ARRL SS
From: k5zd@ultranet.com (Randy Thompson)
Date: Fri Apr 11 20:29:25 1997
Sorry Justin, I can't.  I only do the write-up.  The logs are all handled and 
checked by the Contest Branch at ARRL HQ.  I suggest you contact Billy Lunt for 
assistance.  His e-mail address is blunt@arrl.org.


Note: I am copying this to the contest reflector in an attempt to help people 
keep it straight about where the ARRL contest administration is done.

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Subject:        1996 ARRL SS

Randall - can you tel me why my score of 11,004 was not included 
in the QST results? Justin, WA1ITZ.
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