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[CQ-Contest] New High-Rate Contest

Subject: [CQ-Contest] New High-Rate Contest
From: okanep@iol.ie (Paul O'Kane, EI5DI)
Date: Sun Jun 1 18:26:55 1997
We all like contests with high rates.

How about a new one where 

1.      The exchange will be the same for every entrant.
2.      It will be the same for all QSOs.
3.      It will be known in advance.
4.      Whether or not you actually hear it won't matter.
5.      It'll be called RS(T)
6.      Its value will be 59(9) or any suitable abbreviation.
Can anyone offer a reason for not getting rid of RS(T) in HF contests?

Paul EI5DI
okanep@iol.ie        http://www.iol.ie/~okanep

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