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[CQ-Contest] WPX scoring, short analysis

Subject: [CQ-Contest] WPX scoring, short analysis
From: JHFitzJr@aol.com (JHFitzJr@aol.com)
Date: Mon Jun 2 17:16:53 1997
There have been many comments in the past couple of months on the present WPX
scoring system. In WPX CW I made 1107 QSOs. A brief analysis reveals the
1) Band QSOs 80 - 9; 40- 57; 20- 985; 15- 56, this reflects propogation from
northern Wisconsin, and the fact my best antennas are on 20 where I spent
most of my time.
2) Breakdown EU- 507 (46 %), AS- 124 (11 %, 102 JA), AF- 10 (1 %), OC- 3 (.2
%), SA- 15 (1.5 %). NA (total)- 448 (40 %)
3) NA QSOs were 394 US (36 % of total), and 54 other, with 35 VE.
4) Of the 394 US QSOs, 163 provided multipliers, leaving 231 Null QSOs (21 %
of total), no pnts, no mults, including 15 K1s.
5) For those interested in such things, countries worked most (non US/VE),
were DL-85, R/U-94, G-46, HA-30, OK-25, F-23, SP-25, YU-23, OH-22, I-22,
S5-22, EA-17.
1) Recalculating my score on  a straight 1/2/3 system (all bands 1 pt US, 2
NA, 3 Other) gives a score of 1 212 255, a modest 20 % increase.
2) Giving 2/4/6 on the low bands gives 1 258 785.
3) I personally favor a straight 1/2/3//2/4/6 system for all competitors.
This gives all QSOs some value. Never mind the so called European geographic
advantage. There will always be places with geographic advantage in any
contest, WW, WPX, SS, VHF, etc. Make the best of what ya got. This certainly
wouldn't change my strategy - I'd still work EU/JA preferentially over US.
I'll still work the K1s who want the mult.
4) The present system certainly favors VE over US, there's lots more A/K/N/W
to work for pts by VE. I worked a modest 35 VE (about 3 %) this contest.
5) The hell with old records. All sports change the rules. Narrow the goal
posts, move the hash marks in, lower/raise the mound if you want more/less
scoring, make the crease bigger, call more obstruction penalties, change the
strike zone, etc. Giving 1 pt for a same country QSO might help attract more
casual contestors, the guys with 100 watts and a dipole, particularly in the
US and JA. This helps us all.

Comments welcome. Thanks

Jim WI9WI (ex-WB9HRO, K3EXV) also VP2MGF

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