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[CQ-Contest] The Psychology of Extraordinary ContestingEfforts

Subject: [CQ-Contest] The Psychology of Extraordinary ContestingEfforts
From: w1hij@contesting.com (William Scholz)
Date: Tue Jun 3 12:31:31 1997

I find it intriguing that your response to this posting and mine crossed "in
the mail" in a manner of speaking.

What you describe in general terms, I experienced myself a couple of weeks
ago. I just didn't think of it as moving from moderate to competitor.....
but your description sure fits my experience.

>At a big station, the moderate is usually in the mode of "Whoa!  I'm not sure
>I can deal with this."   But at a real world-class facility, you bet there's an
>exhilaration factor! 

SPECIFIC EXAMPLE: I found that my JA run (modest though it was) around
midnite on Saturday has changed my whole attitude. Without realizing it, I
guess I had a deep seated fear of calling CQ and having a bunch of stations
reply and I wouldn't be able to handle it. Not wanting to look like an
incompetent, the easiest solution was just not to be aggressive about CQ'g.
But when the run developed (sort of by itself) two weeks ago, I was in it
(and handling it) before I knew what had happened. And wonder of wonders, It
wasn't as bad as my unconscious had feared----.

The result? ---- that hurdle is behind me, and you can bet that I'll be a
lot more aggressive about CQ'g now.

Just one of the benefits of some time at a really effective station.  What
must it be like at an LPL or an N0NI?

Cheers (from an incipient competitor, small "c"),

Bill, W1HIJ

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