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[CQ-Contest] Kenwood TS850 opinions (long)

Subject: [CQ-Contest] Kenwood TS850 opinions (long)
From: wrt@eskimo.com (Bill Turner)
Date: Wed Jun 4 01:30:57 1997
I noticed a lot of the guys commented on the lack of a RIT zero
button.  May I offer a suggestion?  Don't use RIT at all.  Put the rig
in the split mode and press A=B.  Then use the main knob for tuning
instead of using the little RIT knob.  If you want to see what freq
the TX is set to, just touch the TF-SET button and you can retune the
RX as needed.  Works like a charm.

Also one fellow commented that there have been no service bulletins
issued since day one.  Sorry, not so.  If you buy the service manual
you'll get a bunch of them included with it.  I didn't take an exact
count but it looks like about a dozen.

73, Bill W7TI

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