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[CQ-Contest] global scores?

Subject: [CQ-Contest] global scores?
From: rbowen@iglobal.net (Ralph Bowen)
Date: Tue Jun 3 22:56:33 1997
At 01:13 PM 6/3/97 +0000, KR2Q wrote:

>When I was part of the crew at K2GL/N2AA for
>some 10 years of consistant USA M/M wins (yes, except
>for 1981),

-----AND 1986 ----

>I don't think any of us ever looked at
>how we did on a world-wide scale.  Winning for
>the world (except for 1981) was simply beyond
>our expectations; how could a Stateside M/M
>compete against the likes PJ1B and all those
>other massive assaults on "hot spots."  So even
>"us North East" contesters keep things in perspective.
>Do the boys at RM, LPL, KI, EA, XX, LR (etc) ever 
>look/care at how they did for the world, or are they
>zeroed in on winning for the USA?  Answers?
>Well stated Alan!
>de Doug  KR2Q

73,  Gator  N5RZ   one of the ops at N5AU in 1986 CQWW SSB

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