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[CQ-Contest] FT-920 Experience

Subject: [CQ-Contest] FT-920 Experience
From: SPECK@uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu (SPECK@uansv3.Vanderbilt.Edu)
Date: Wed Jun 4 16:51:39 1997
It appears that the family CFO will authorize expenditures by year's end for a 
new radio to relegate my experienced TS-930 to emeritus/second-radio status. I 
saw the FT-920 at Dayton and it looked pretty neat at a reasonable price. 
Curious if any CONTESTERs have one and what are your impressions?

I see a few concerns:
1) its new!
2) VERY limited IF filtering
3) not familiar w/ Yaesu transmit audio. I like the "punch" of my 930's RF 
processing. Not sure about Yaesu's DSP audio processing (which appears to be 
different from 1000MP)
4) Its not a 1000MP which is what I'd really like but CFO says "not cost 
effective in today's fiscal environment-translation from "It costs how 

What say, oh all knowing?????
                                73,  Mark K0EJ 

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